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Reading Update 1/26/21

Good news: I have read three books since this past Friday. Had a slow weekend. Bad news: Two of the three books were duds. Rating 2/5 stars Author: Kristin Cashore What I Liked: The world building was kinda interesting. What I Didn’t Like: This book. Wow. It’s anti – marriage and anti- commitment. No I’mContinue reading “Reading Update 1/26/21”

Friday RNR 1/22/21

Happy Friday everyone! Time for another Friday Reads N Reviews! OK so this week I started and finished : Author: Anna Lee HuberRating: 3/5 stars Book Blurb: July 1831. In the midst of their idyllic honeymoon in England’s Lake District, Kiera and Gage’s seclusion is soon interrupted by a missive from her new father-in-law. AContinue reading “Friday RNR 1/22/21”

Friday RNR 1/15/20

Happy Friday, time for some Reads N Reviews! Last week I said I was reading this historical mystery based on a friend’s recommendation: Author: Charles FinchRating: 4/5 Stars Book Blurb: Charles Lenox, Victorian gentleman and armchair explorer, likes nothing more than to relax in his private study with a cup of tea, a roaring fireContinue reading “Friday RNR 1/15/20”