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Reading RNR 11/20/20

Happy Friday! This week was better than last week, I think mainly due to a shift in mindset as opposed to anything else really changing. I’m doing a lot of “letting go” and realizing I don’t need to fix everything. Unfortunately our area is the midst of a second wave so our movement is limited.Continue reading “Reading RNR 11/20/20”

Reading/Weekend Update 11/16/20

Welp, I went with this juggernaut: I’m glad I did. I’m about 130 pages in and enjoying it very much. Enjoying the slow start, the world building, these characters. What an opening first few chapters! So many questions unanswered- perfect. We watched the Mandalorian and enjoyed it. Being fans of Rebels and Clone Wars, let’sContinue reading “Reading/Weekend Update 11/16/20”

Friday RNR 11/13/20

Glad Friday is here. It’s been a rainy day. One I spent going to the doctor and catching up on BookTube videos. I enjoy watching reading vlogs and seeing what people are up to during the week as they balance reading and their lives. I tried reading a kindle unlimited book but found it disturbingContinue reading “Friday RNR 11/13/20”