Friday Reads! 7/17/20

Good Day Readers!

Work was crazy yesterday, so I did not get a chance to post my reads for the weekend before today. Without further adieu…

Mrs. Lincoln's Sisters: A Novel by [Jennifer Chiaverini]

I’m in the mood for some good historical fiction. This author has been recommended to me for years. I think it’s about time I checked her out.

The Finders: A Mystery (Mace Reid K-9 Mystery Book 1) by [Jeffrey B. Burton]

About a third of the way through this one. Thoroughly enjoying it so far.

The Shepherd's Life: Modern Dispatches from an Ancient Landscape by [James Rebanks]

I’m a quarter of the way through on this and this book has surprised me. I love it when an author can take a subject and write about it in such a way so as to make it accessible and appealing. I’ve always wanted to visit the Lake District, this is as close as I can get right now.

My reading last weekend went well, I read in 50 page sprints. I intend on continuing with that pattern this weekend.

In other plans, my husband and I are making our way through the Bourne Movies. We are up to:

The Bourne Ultimatum

So we will be checking that out this weekend. We watched Greyhound with Tom Hanks this last Saturday and we highly recommend it!

I also am attending a Bible based convention via Zoom on Sunday which I am excited about. I need the spiritual refreshment after a long work week.

What are your reading plans?

Happy Reading!

2 thoughts on “Friday Reads! 7/17/20

    1. This is a rewatch for us. We saw the movies separately before getting married and wanted to see them together. I didn’t like the Jeremy Renner one, my husband enjoyed it. I don’t remember much of Jason Bourne – I remember being slightly annoyed with the ending, yes – it was definitely a loose end I didn’t like. Something to do with the woman in that movie…

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