My Reading Routine!

So I’ve been giving a lot of thought lately as to how I read…

I have a Kindle e reader gifted to me by my husband. He gave it to me when we agreed I could not take allllllllllllll my books with me into our home when we got married. There was just no room in our apartment. As a result, I buy a lot of books on Kindle. I still sneak in physical copies. I just try and find a new home when I’m done. I do love my Kindle, especially when reading on the beach…

I have a fond memory of this beach day in 2019. I read this entire book on the beach. #greatmemories

I try to read in 50 page sprints or 14% blocks if I don’t have a page count on the Kindle. I used to do 20 minutes at a time but for some reason that did not work for me. I would get antsy. After 50 pages/14%, I switch to another book. I may switch back after that next book or I may pick up a third book. I find this keeps my impatient brain happy.

Now of course, there are books that demand your attention. The ones you just have to keep reading until all the pages are read. Those I make an exception for.

I find I read more books this way. I also read faster.

I thought I would share my weird reading method as I love hearing peoples’ reading routines.

What’s your reading routine?

5 thoughts on “My Reading Routine!

  1. Like you, I find it easier to read more than one book at a time. My eyesight has gone to hell so Kindle is a godsend (I read on an iPad Mini with the Kindle app) as I can make the text so large that people sitting two meters away can still read my book. More than half of my books are audiobooks, which means I can drive or cook or file boring things and still read. I tend to flip between audiobook and ebook depending on whether it’s polite to wear earphones.

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    1. LOL about the font size! Recently I have been using Scribd for the audio book version of whatever book it is I am reading. I may incorporate this regularly. When I listen to audiobooks on their own sometimes I have a hard time concentrating BUT if I start the book in print and then pick up the audio for my commute? No issues. I did this for the last two books I read…


  2. Hi. I also switch books often, although I have no hard rules about when to switch. I usually feel when I get fatigued by one book or my mood changes. Then it is time to switch.
    However, I do tend to set out how much I’d like to read each day/reading session. It helps me to not feel like I’ll never finish the book. It’s weird, I read a lot and yet it makes me uncomfortable (like I am making no progress) to see my bookmark stuck in the first 3rd of a book.
    Happy reading!

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