Friday Reads! 7/24/20

Happy Friday everyone! My last day of work was yesterday for the week. So I will begin my weekend today. Here is what I have planned to read for the weekend:

Daisy Jones & The Six: A Novel

I will be finishing this if I have not already by the time you are reading this. This is turning into my book of the year so far. I will post my final thoughts in a review.

Fangirl: A Novel by [Rainbow Rowell]

This was a 5 star read when I first read it. I used to write fan fic and stories in my teenage- early 20s and this book just spoke to me, I remember crying and feeling understood after reading it. I want to revisit it and see what I think of it now. I always wonder if our feelings about books are influenced by the moment and where we are in life…

My husband took this Friday off and we are going to spend the day together. I think we are going for a hike. We both work in healthcare and it is particularly stressful right now, nature always makes us feel better.

We are doing a Zoom pizza and game night for the young people on our congregation on Saturday night. I am looking forward to that as well as our weekly Zoom religious meeting on Sunday. Spiritual thoughts and prayer always set me right for the week ahead- and helps me keep my priorities in line, especially now.

I think that is it!

What are your plans?

Happy reading!

3 thoughts on “Friday Reads! 7/24/20

  1. So is church not back to being live meetings? Or is it a combination of live/zoom because of your work situation? Our church is trying out various combinations to see what works best for the most, with the end goal of making it a true gathering together (as in “forsake not the gathering together as some are in the habit of”).

    Hope your hike went well and that you get rid of lots of stress.

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    1. No, they haven’t gone back to live meetings as of yet. They want to make the decision based on safety, not the economy. It’s a delicate balance of obeying Jesus command to love our neighbor by not exposing them to the virus and the command at Heb. 10:24, 25 to not forsake the gathering of ourselves. ZOOM has been a blessing! Especially for our older ones – we check in on everyone at least twice a week. Thanks for the well wishes! Enjoy your weekend as well!

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      1. We tried facebook for a while, but without it being interactive like zoom, just wasn’t good enough. With the resurgence of covid numbers, it looks like we’re going back to a mix of zoom and live meetings so everyone gets the social/face time they need…

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