Friday Reads! 7/31/20

Boardwalk Summer: A Novel by [Meredith Jaeger]

Good day everyone!

It’s been a crazy week!

Work has been stressful so I am looking forward to this weekend. I was able to read two books in my downtime and reviews will be coming over the next few days – so stay tuned!

An update on my reads from last week. I started Fangirl – but didn’t feel like reading a YA novel at that moment. I am a mood read and didn’t want to force it, so I switched books.

This weekend, I will dive into Boardwalk Summer. Full disclosure, I started another book yesterday but it was way too graphically violent for me. I felt it bordered on gratuitous. I should have read the Goodreads reviews before purchasing but I didn’t. The blurb was three lines and the cover looked like this…

Sawbones by [Melissa Lenhardt]

…so I thought it was safe. But HUGE trigger warning for rape and graphic violence. I am not happy I read part of it and will be very careful with this author in the future. The thing that bugged me is this book reads like a typical light historical mystery for a bit and then there was such a violent turn – graphic deaths of people you were just getting to know- it was disturbing. Way out of my comfort zone.

Anywho, done dwelling on it. If I finish Boardwalk Summer I may start this one:

The Dress in the Window: A Novel by [Sofia Grant]

(It was on sale. I just grabbed it. )

We will see, I do have books on their way to me so these reading decisions are subject to change at any time.

No big plans this weekend. And that’s fine by me. We may watch Gettysburg , my husband has never seen it and he loved the Grant miniseries.

Happy reading!

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