Friday Reads and Two Reviews!

Happy Friday everyone!

I have a busy weekend ahead!

A hike is scheduled for Friday. I have Zoom calls scheduled to catch up with friends. And my husband and I are doing our own game night this weekend, which I am excited about. I ordered CODENAME: DUETS off Amazon after reading positive reviews and he is going to teach me how to play gin rummy.

As far as reading …

This weekend I am reading:

What a pleasant surprise this book is turning out to be! This is a historical mystery. I’m getting back to my reading roots. I love this author’s voice. I’ll be seeking out more of her books when I’m done with this one.

Two of the books I read during the week were:

I gave this 4/5 stars. I thoroughly enjoyed this book! I really liked the “historical” part of the dual timeline. I dinged this book a star because at one point, I forgot there was another timeline – so long had it been since it had been addressed. I even forgot who the other main character was. But overall, it was an enjoyable escapist read with enough twists to keep things interesting. Recommend for historical fiction fans.

I gave this book 3/5 stars.

Overall it was good, don’t get me wrong.

The “historical” and “present” timelines were both engaging. I liked that both characters had similar struggles with colossally bad decisions, it gave the book a kind of symmetry. There were some turns in the plot line that were jarring. And it felt more like you got lost rather than an unexpected surprise. The historicity of the book was great – it made me look up The Dakota in NYC to see what it looks like. All that I enjoyed. The story was a bit of a downer, left me with a meh feeling. But I do recommend for historical fiction fans. Fiona Davis can weave a good yarn.

Happy reading everyone!

5 thoughts on “Friday Reads and Two Reviews!

  1. I’m looking forward to your thoughts about Fatal Inheritance; I could use another good historical mystery; this year I’ve lost touch with a lot of new titles.

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