8/28/20 Friday RNR

Welcome to Friday Reads and Reviews!

What am I doing this weekend? Let’s see. First, checking in on family. My brother lives in northern California so we had been keeping a watchful eye on him and my sister in law with the fires. With hurricanes, fires and the like my extended family has made it a group project to have emergency go bags stocked and ready. My mom and brothers completed theirs, we are pulling the rear but should be completed by early next week. Our congregation had a meeting pre- pandemic about every family having one. They showed an example and went over what should be in it. I still have that list and have been adding and personalizing. I’m glad we are all doing it.

We are headed to the shore during off hours to catch some socially distanced sun in these last days of summer. This summer flew by!!!

Report: Gin rummy was a success! I want a rematch.

Reading plans?

I am currently reading:

I am half way through and enjoying it. Kimberley Freeman is now a go to author for me. If I like three or more of your books, I just need to see your name to click “add to cart”.

This past week I read:

Fatal Inheritance: A Novel by [Rachel Rhys]

2/5 Stars

I loved the writing in this book. I genuinely did. Rachel Rhys has a nice turn of phrase. The plot line, however, was outrageous. The plot twists were so far out there, I just could not move this book past a 2/5 stars. Recommend for the writing, facepalm for the plot.

What will I be reading next?

I have books on their way to me that I am excited about! Book haul post coming soon! I am reading at a good pace lately and liking what I read. I think I’ve found my current niche. With that in mind I am going to finish:

The Lions of Fifth Avenue: A Novel by [Fiona Davis]

and then start:

Fable: A Novel by [Adrienne Young]

I binge read this author’s first book. I still remember starting it at the library, coming home reading through dinner and finishing late that night. That so rarely happens, I want to see if this book is just as captivating. This is a Netgalley ebook, but I am so tempted to buy a copy. I wonder if others do that? We will see.

I mentioned this to Murder by Death – I am toying with the idea of starting the British library classics and working my way through them. I want physical copies but they run 83 deep and I don’t have room so I may be forced to do ebooks. Hmmmm…

Murder in the Mill-Race (British Library Crime Classics) by [E.C.R. Lorac, Martin Edwards]

I love those covers… I am also a little jealous of Martin Edwards editing these. I can’t shake the feeling that he has my dream job…

What are your weekend/reading plans?

Happy reading!

10 thoughts on “8/28/20 Friday RNR

  1. I love the BLCC series — and the covers are just fabulous. Btw, should you decide to get physical copies (of at least some of the books), make sure you actually get the British Libraray editions (not Poisoned Pen), because their back covers — and theirs only, not also the Poisoned Pen back covers — all have miniatures of the full pictures from which the cover images were excerpted.

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  2. I love the covers on the British Library Crime Classic sbooks. I only England really looked like that. That’s the England I want to live in.
    The Fable cover is also gorgeous. I’d buy the book just to have that cover on my shelves.

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      1. The Lake District is worth visting. I used to spend a lot of time there. I love Buttermere, especially in winter. In summer there are now so many tourists, it’s sometimes hard to move.

        I hope you get to go and that you enjoy hiking it.

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  3. Glad to hear your whole family is getting go-bags. We’ve got one, but it hasn’t been updated in years, so it is probably time to sort through it and update it.

    If you ever feel like it, would you mind posting what your congregation said should be in one? I’m always curious what various people/organizations think is the most important.

    And if it matters to you….
    If you link to the person’s “About” page (or any specific page for that matter) when you mention their name (link it), they’ll get notified that you mentioned them. That way you don’t have to wonder if they know you talked about them. And it helps people who follow you who might not know who that person is.Just thinking for the future for when you become a world famous blogger 😉

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    1. I copy/ pasted the list:

      “Disaster management organizations urge families to store and annually update emergency supplies. Of course, needs will vary according to your location and circumstances, so check with local emergency management services for recommendations that could be applied in your area.

      In general it is recommended that you keep at least three gallons (11 L) of water per person and three days of nonperishable, ready-to-eat foods.

      Also, some families have prepared “go bags” with such items as the following:*

      Blankets, complete change of warm clothes, and sturdy shoes

      Flashlight, radio (battery or windup), and spare batteries

      First-aid kit and a whistle to signal for help

      Eating utensils, can opener, pocket tool set, and waterproof matches

      Dust masks, waterproof tape, and plastic sheeting for shelter

      Toothbrushes, soap, towels, and toilet paper

      Child-care supplies and special-needs items for seniors or the disabled

      A waterproof container with needed medication, copies of prescriptions, and other important documents

      List of emergency contacts and meeting places and a local map

      Credit cards and cash

      Extra set of house keys and car keys

      Paper, pencils, books, and games for children


      Not every item listed may be suitable in your case or in your part of the world. You might also have to include some items not listed here.”

      This is a basic list. I got a starter emergency go bag off amazon and have personalized it.

      Thanks for the suggestion about linking!!!! 🙂

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