Book Projects!

I have decided I want to embark on some book projects.

I saw URL Phantomhive’s posts about the Little Black Classics and thought of book series I want to read but that I keep putting off til “one day…” **cue wistful look out of bay window**

I want to make “one day” a real, tangible thing. So I’ve brainstormed in my bullet journal and come up with some ideas.

One of them is the British Library Crime Classics. This is a long term goal considering how many books there are. I ordered the first book and it’s on its way to me, and yes I ordered the paperback.

Another is the Star Trek Books. I have been thinking about this for a while – I used to read these books when I was younger and have always enjoyed them. I often bonded with my father over these books. He used to read these books religiously. We don’t have a lot in common, but I got my love of reading from him. Growing up, my father would make us buy a book whenever we bought a toy. If we hit up Kaybee Toystores, that was promptly followed up with going to Waldenbooks and getting something to read. It was such a part of my childhood, I thought all children had to do this. I didn’t understand what he was doing at the time, not even when he sat my siblings and I down and told us you never have an excuse not to learn, not if you can read. Being a minority, doors may seem closed, but you can open them with knowledge that usually starts in a book. I am infinitely grateful to him for this lesson. Infinitely grateful.

I will start with this one:

The Children of Hamlin (Star Trek: The Next Generation Book 3) by [Carter Carmen]

It’s number three in the Next Generation series – I read the two before recently and do not want to do a re- read, so I’m giving myself a pass.

I do want to read Agatha Christie’s work, and I want to delve into some classics but I want to start with these two projects to get the ball rolling.

I will document them here for accountability. Of course, I will still be reading my dual timeline historical fiction cuz that’s my jam right now. And there is some YA calling my name that will get read. But we are coming up on cooler weather soon and a possible second wave. So I’m preparing how to spend that extra inside time. I’m doing other projects too, one involves Bible reading and another some decorating. I’m finding the structure is helping me immensely.

That’s all for now!

Happy reading!

7 thoughts on “Book Projects!

  1. Great! I love book projects! 😉
    Yours sound like a lot of fun, I am looking forward to reading about them.

    My little black classics sort of started itself, but now that it is finished I am planning to do more, because I actually really enjoyed doing it (and kind of miss it at the moment).

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  2. I LOVE your dad’s one book per toy stipulation, it’s brilliant!

    You mentioned Agatha Christie so I wanted to make sure you knew about the group on GR (ugh) that was created specifically to read all her books in publication order. It’s a LONG term project, and some people are dipping in and out as they please, so it’s low pressure too.

    My mom and sister were the Trekkies in my family, but I never caught the bug. Enjoy the reading projects. 🙂

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