9.4.20 Friday RNR

Welcome to Friday Reads and Reviews!

Happy start to a long weekend!

We have no real plans this weekend. I’m liking this – I have books, movies and a hike I want to do. But a lazy weekend after a crazy week at work? Yes, please.

As far as books this week, I read…

4/5 Stars

I enjoyed this!

The dual story line was good! I liked the effective way Freeman’s writing transported you to Evergreen Falls. As usual, the historical story line was a bit stronger than the present one, but the present story line wherein our main character, Lauren, struggles with grief and finding her way after the death of her brother was moving. In the historical story, we follow two strong women, Flora and Violet, as they navigate the questions of who they will marry and what real love is. I liked both of them- they were very different but each had a good journey. I teared up at parts. This book definitely goes in my re-read pile. Definitely recommend.

Work was insane so I didn’t read much after completing this book. This weekend I will be reading…

This book had a slow start but it picked up and I am committed. I did receive a free copy in exchange for an honest review …but I bought my own physical copy cuz THAT COVER. The book is gorgeous.

I do not know what I will pick up next after that. I will have to surprise myself.

For my book project I have started …

It’s become the book I read before bed.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Looking forward to reading your reviews and seeing your weekend plans.

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