Friday RNR 9.11.20

I don’t have any reviews this week as I spent most of the week working 12+ hours or more and then passing out. I wanted to read the posts and responses but was so tired at the end of each day, I just vegged in front of the TV til I fell asleep.

I am reading:

and it is quite the doorstop at 526 pages so it will no doubt keep me busy.

Today is a quiet day.

Tomorrow? I have to finish getting presents for my husband for our anniversary and the weather is supposed to be beautiful so I want to be outside as much as possible. I spent so much time working inside ( I work from home) this week it was draining.

Sunday will be my religious meeting of course and then whatever – games, reading, tea, TV – its supposed to rain.

I work next week and then I have vacay. My husband is working the first three days while I am not, so I was thinking of doing my own This Girl Has a Huge TBR Readathon for Monday thru Wednesday. Hmmmm. Decisions, decisions… That may be a lot of fun to execute. Seriously thinking about it. I can’t wait either way!

Happy reading!

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