Friday RNR 9/18/20

My vacation has started! Not a moment too soon!

This post is late because the first order of business on my time off was setting up my new work phone. It was relatively inexpensive once I settled on a cheap phone and easy to do once I figured out Google voice. I sent out a text to my coworkers with my new phone number and removed them from my personal phone. I feel a lot better. I need to control off hour calls and notifications after hours. This seemed the best way to do it. For some reason turning off notifications on my personal phone didn’t stop people from tracking me down and driving me crazy. I was woken up early last Sunday morning because someone didn’t receive an email I had sent. I sent it. It was there. I couldn’t go back to sleep and said I have to do something. Work/life balance. So first task done!

This weekend is all about the trying to catch up on my two projects so I will be reading

I am half way through. I don’t know if this as much a mystery as it is a police procedural but I will wait and see…

Also I need to finish reading:

The Children of Hamlin (Star Trek: The Next Generation Book 3) by [Carter Carmen]

Since I am on vacation I am going to do some concentrated reading Monday – Wednesday while working on some personal projects about the house. Still deciding on my TBR so stay tuned…

Happy reading!

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