BLCC Project Book 1- Murder in Piccadilly

BLCC Project Book 1

Title: Murder in Piccadilly

Author: Charles Kingston

Rating: 3.5/5 stars

Book Blurb:

When Bobbie Cheldon falls in love with a pretty young dancer at the Frozen Fang night club in Soho, he has every hope of an idyllic marriage. But Nancy has more worldly ideas about her future: she is attracted not so much to Bobbie as to the fortune he expects to inherit.

Bobbie’s miserly uncle Massy stands between him and happiness: he will not relinquish the ten thousand a year on which Nancy’s hopes rest. When Bobbie falls under the sway of the roguish Nosey Ruslin, the stage is set for murder in the heart of Piccadilly―and for Nancy’s dreams to be realised.

When Chief Inspector Wake of Scotland Yard enters the scene, he uncovers a tangled web of love affairs, a cynical Soho underworld, and a motive for murder.

This good-natured vintage mystery novel is now republished for the first time since the 1930s, with an introduction by the award-winning crime writer Martin Edwards, the leading expert on inter-war detective fiction.

This was a good start to the BLCC project!

This wasn’t really a mystery novel. You knew who did it from word go and the murder doesn’t happen till well into the novel. This was more like a “soooooo, how is this going to turn out…?” – kinda book. It’s ok though. The book was entertaining and witty while you are waiting to find out.

Bobbie Cheldon is a spoiled young man in love with a dancer, Nancy. He stands to inherit his insufferable uncle’s money whenever that man dies… but his uncle is not sick, prone to accidents or old enough for that to happen any time soon. Sooo improvisations need to be made. Problem is Bobbie is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. A colorful cast of characters step in to manipulate him and help get this done.

I would have given this book 3 stars only but it earned another half star rating because the twists were great. I didn’t see them coming! I don’t know how I didn’t pick up on the hints. They were there.

I definitely recommend for a good English novel to pleasantly pass the time.

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