Friday RNR 10/16/20

Happy Friday! Time for some Reads and Reviews!

So glad the weekend is here.

Work is same old, same old. This week I did not get a chance to read at all due to work demands … BUT this past weekend I read a great book:

This was a 5/5 star read! I had no clue any of this took place. It’s a historical fiction about an orphanage that was taking children from parents and tricking the parents into signing away parental rights, mistreating the children and then basically selling these kids ( under the guise of adoption ‘fees’) – all for profit. They would lie to the adoptive parents about the children’s histories, change the children’s names – just awful. I had to look up more about how things turned out after completing the book. It was tough to read in parts, very tough. I cried. But I do think it’s an important read. I highly recommend this book. It is well written, engaging and informative.

What is up for this weekend? I don’t know yet. I will pick a book later today. This book gave me book hang over so it’s gotta be a good one. After this busy week, I am looking forward to catching up with everyone’s posts while enjoying this fall weather and a cup of coffee.

Happy reading everyone!

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