Friday RNR 10/30/20

It feels like my last post was so long ago. Sorry it’s been a while. Where I live we are starting the second wave of COVID19, making everything crazy at work as I work in the healthcare field. The past couple of weeks I felt like I don’t have the bandwidth for reading. But I feel like I NEED to read to balance out the stress at this point and also so I have something else to talk about other than work concerns.

So I have a TBR. It’s a little one – a couple of quick books and a tome I wanted to work on during the cold months.

This weekend I am going to read:

Death in the Stacks (A Library Lover's Mystery Book 8) by [Jenn McKinlay]

I went back to my cozy mystery roots. It has to be simple and engaging at this point and this fits the bill.

My fall tome?

The Land Beyond the Sea by [Sharon Kay Penman]

One of my favorite historical fiction writers tackling the Crusader kingdom? Yes, please. I don’t know a lot about this history and I have always found that Ms. Penman sticks close to the facts.

Unfortunately, my projects are on pause at the moment. When I make reading an obligation, I don’t want to do it when I’m under stress.

My other plans? Well tonight we are group watching the Mandalorian with family via the Disney group watch feature. We also have some special religious activities this weekend, a Bible study and a meeting which always, always helps. I have to work Saturday night which is meh… but I do want to get out and maybe go to the park and see the last of the leaves. We had a little bit of snow this morning. So I guess I have to accept summer is officially over.

We did our leaf watch hike recently. I will post some pics.

Please everyone stay safe- 6 feet and wear your masks!

Happy reading!

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