Reading RNR 11/20/20

Happy Friday!

This week was better than last week, I think mainly due to a shift in mindset as opposed to anything else really changing. I’m doing a lot of “letting go” and realizing I don’t need to fix everything.

Unfortunately our area is the midst of a second wave so our movement is limited. So aside from walks… not a lot of plans this weekend. BUT reading wise I am enjoying:

I am 200 pages in. I think the escapist element of it is working for me. It’s a surprisingly easy read and moves along nicely.

I may also pick up:

…cuz it fits the cold/fall vibe going on right now.

TV wise, we will be catching up on The Mandalorian and The Right Stuff. I previewed Alex Rider, the new series based on the YA book series. One young girl I used to do Bible studies with LOVED this book series and would beg me to read it. I read the first book, but don’t remember much. The series looks good. So that is on our watch list this weekend.

I am a little obsessed with cozy screensavers on YouTube right now. I like to put them on our living room tv and read. I got the idea because I saw a BookTuber do it. It was a win for me. I find it very soothing. An example:

There are all different ones on YouTube. I even put one on while I was working and felt like it brightened my mood a bit.

Let’s see what else? Of course we have our religious meetings which are a highlight of our weekends. I also need to work on my to do list on cutting back since this is my last days of work next week. A new page is being turned! It is exciting, scary and a relief at the same time. I want to make sure the decisions I make going forward are in line with my spiritual goals as well as covers the fact that we need to eat. We have planned well, but there’s always that anxiety. Lots of prayer.

I hope you all have a great weekend and look forward to reading your posts!

2 thoughts on “Reading RNR 11/20/20

  1. yeah, things are getting closer to another lockdown, that is for sure. Our Governor just declared a statewide mask mandate (first time for us) and it’s pissing off a LOT of people.
    Thankfully, church is still live but I don’t know at what point it will tip to being just virtual. Ughhh.

    I am glad that you’re able to change your mindset and realize you’re not the General Manager of the Universe 😉 Hopefully that sticks and your stress stays down. Cheers!

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