Friday RNR 11/27/20

Happy Friday! Time for another edition of Friday Reads and Reviews!

Alas I have nothing to review! This week was my last week of work and we were swamped with everyone wanting to be tested before traveling for Thanksgiving. It left me so worried for what will happen two weeks from now…

But now that work is over and I have officially resigned, I have such a feeling of relief. In light of this, as I look for another job, I am on a book buying embargo and will read only books I already own. I figure this will help me work on the stack of books I have. You know – the stack of books my husband gives the side eye when another book comes in the mail… yes, that stack.

So I am glad I saved the last Kimberley Freeman for such an occasion.

I will dive into this one this weekend. Of course I am still working on Way of Kings, and will probably be doing so for some time.

What else is planned? The Mandalorian will be huge highlight in light of who we think will be appearing on the show this week – though to be fair last week’s episode was surprisingly very not filler and important to narrative. This show consistently delivers!

No doubt we will be doing walks. We did a nice hike last week that took us to an overlook by the Palisades. It was nice! Always good to get the blood flowing.

My husband and I have been slacking in the card game department and said we need to get back on board. Also I have this game we want to try:

Let’s see what else? We fell off our whole food plant based wagon once work got hectic and we want to hop back on. So I have collected some recipes to try. We got our bloodwork back this past week since we had gone for testing. I didn’t like the turn in the numbers – they weren’t terrible but I can definitely see how ordering in has played it’s part.

I think that is it.

I hope you and your families are well. Stay safe and happy reading!

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