Friday Reads 12/11/2020

Happy Friday!

This weekend I will be continuing my classics kick. I am reading two books. I started with the one that arrived first in the mail…

I am about 120+ pages into this novel. I am enjoying it. I like all the Biblical references, some are very clever. I am also enjoying that no one is telling me things. I have to read a scene and think – what is really going on here? Reveals are in the form of – wait – did they just say what I think they did? Let me re-read…

I also like that I don’t know this story. I don’t know what is going to happen and no reviews have spoiled it for me.

And the style of writing? Can I learn to talk like this? For instance, instead of ‘why don’t we read a book after dinner?’ there is this…

“… it would be pleasant to go back to the past , to hear people that have slept for generations in graves that are perhaps no longer graves now, but gardens and fields, speak to us and tell us their thoughts, and impart their ideas.”

I am also reading …

Wow, I get lost in this book. I know the outline of the story as most do, but am pleasantly surprised by how much you don’t get from word of mouth or movie versions. I am surprised by just how readable this is as well. I use this as a back up to Shirley, but I am surprised by how reluctant I am to put it down when I have to do something else. Good thing I am enjoying it because it is looooong….

Very happy with my reading right now.

Happy reading everyone!

3 thoughts on “Friday Reads 12/11/2020

  1. I just picked up a gutenberg edition of the complete works of the Bronte Sisters. I’m hoping to start in on it later next year.

    AND HURRAY FOR COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    1. I thought I had typed something in reply to this and realized I hadn’t… I have the gutenberg copies on my Kindle and bought inexpensive copies of the books. I am taking my time which is nice. I am looking forward to your Bronte reviews in the coming year!

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