Friday RNR 1/1/2021

Happy Friday everyone! Trying to start the new year off right! Time for some Reads N Reviews…

I do (finally) have a couple of reviews:

Author: Charlotte Bronte

Rating: 3.5 stars

This wound up being a good read.

Things I Enjoyed:

I liked the relationship between Shirley and Caroline. I enjoyed reading their conversations about love, religion and their take on the people around them. I do notice that a lot of young people on Booktube seem to enjoy this novel and rank it as their favorite classic. I was not surprised after reading it. Caroline’s lovesickness and romantic problem read a bit like a YA novel. Shirley’s gumption was enjoyable to read about as well. I liked reading about her trying to control her estate in a time when women were not commonly able to.

I enjoyed the writing – I love the style, the turn of phrase.

Things I Did Not Enjoy:

The length. Too long. No need for this book to be that long.

Some of the plot twists seemed convoluted. But… I went along with it.

Next I read:

Author: Anne Bronte

Rating: 3 stars

This was just.. ok.

Things I Enjoyed:

Anne’s writing. She is my favorite so far.

Things I Did Not Enjoy:

Maybe I am governess’d out. Cuz I was bored. Agnes was the governess for some nasty, unruly children I would not have lasted two days with. Her plight in trying to handle them and then being mistreated as a governess is the basic gist. While I am glad the novel ended with some happiness, I just didn’t want to read about it anymore. This did not take away from how … readable Anne’s writing is. I wish there was more by her to read.

Being governess’d out, I moved on to:

Which I am enjoying thus far. I have a used Everyman’s Classic of this book and wow, I do like this edition. I will be searching out more to collect in the future.

That’s all for now!

Happy reading!

3 thoughts on “Friday RNR 1/1/2021

      1. Then Hardy might just be your cup of tea. I was ready to commit murder against Hardy for almost every book of his that I read, so I know he’s not for me 😀


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