Review: The War that Saved My Life

Rating: 5/5 Stars

This will probably be one of the best books of the year for me. This book has been sitting on my shelf for over year now and I regret not picking it up sooner.

This is a historical fiction story set during WWII. Its about 10-year-old Ada who was born with a club foot. She is abused by her mother and not allowed to leave the house and told she is worthless. When her younger brother is sent away from London with other kids to escape the war, she tags along because he is her only loving family. This book covers so much ground, from what those kids must have experienced during that mass exodus to how it may have been to be a child during the war, but most importantly, at its heart is how Ada begins to heal from her trauma and learns to trust Susan, her new guardian. It brought me to tears at moments and made me silently cheer as Ada changes. Please read this. It was so good. I have the sequel all ready to go…

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