Review Of Fable- 5 STARS

Author: Adrienne Young Fable Dualogy #1 Rating: 5/5 stars Book Blurb: As the daughter of the most powerful trader in the Narrows, the sea is the only home seventeen-year-old Fable has ever known. It’s been four years since the night she watched her mother drown during an unforgiving storm. The next day her father abandonedContinue reading “Review Of Fable- 5 STARS”

9.4.20 Friday RNR

Welcome to Friday Reads and Reviews! Happy start to a long weekend! We have no real plans this weekend. I’m liking this – I have books, movies and a hike I want to do. But a lazy weekend after a crazy week at work? Yes, please. As far as books this week, I read… 4/5Continue reading “9.4.20 Friday RNR”

Book Projects!

I have decided I want to embark on some book projects. I saw URL Phantomhive’s posts about the Little Black Classics and thought of book series I want to read but that I keep putting off til “one day…” **cue wistful look out of bay window** I want to make “one day” a real, tangibleContinue reading “Book Projects!”

Friday Reads and Two Reviews!

Happy Friday everyone! I have a busy weekend ahead! A hike is scheduled for Friday. I have Zoom calls scheduled to catch up with friends. And my husband and I are doing our own game night this weekend, which I am excited about. I ordered CODENAME: DUETS off Amazon after reading positive reviews and heContinue reading “Friday Reads and Two Reviews!”