Reading Update 1/26/21

Good news: I have read three books since this past Friday. Had a slow weekend. Bad news: Two of the three books were duds. Rating 2/5 stars Author: Kristin Cashore What I Liked: The world building was kinda interesting. What I Didn’t Like: This book. Wow. It’s anti – marriage and anti- commitment. No I’mContinue reading “Reading Update 1/26/21”

Friday RNR 1/22/21

Happy Friday everyone! Time for another Friday Reads N Reviews! OK so this week I started and finished : Author: Anna Lee HuberRating: 3/5 stars Book Blurb: July 1831. In the midst of their idyllic honeymoon in England’s Lake District, Kiera and Gage’s seclusion is soon interrupted by a missive from her new father-in-law. AContinue reading “Friday RNR 1/22/21”

Friday RNR 1/15/20

Happy Friday, time for some Reads N Reviews! Last week I said I was reading this historical mystery based on a friend’s recommendation: Author: Charles FinchRating: 4/5 Stars Book Blurb: Charles Lenox, Victorian gentleman and armchair explorer, likes nothing more than to relax in his private study with a cup of tea, a roaring fireContinue reading “Friday RNR 1/15/20”

Friday RNR 1/8/21

Happy Friday everyone! Hopefully you all are well and keeping safe/sane in all this. Books help. Well, not all books… not when they are like… Rating: 2/5 stars What was this? Let me just get to the review. What I liked: The writing. I am still not put off classics because the writing is just…Continue reading “Friday RNR 1/8/21”

Friday RNR 1/1/2021

Happy Friday everyone! Trying to start the new year off right! Time for some Reads N Reviews… I do (finally) have a couple of reviews: Author: Charlotte Bronte Rating: 3.5 stars This wound up being a good read. Things I Enjoyed: I liked the relationship between Shirley and Caroline. I enjoyed reading their conversations aboutContinue reading “Friday RNR 1/1/2021”

Friday RNR 11/27/20

Happy Friday! Time for another edition of Friday Reads and Reviews! Alas I have nothing to review! This week was my last week of work and we were swamped with everyone wanting to be tested before traveling for Thanksgiving. It left me so worried for what will happen two weeks from now… But now thatContinue reading “Friday RNR 11/27/20”


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