Reading/Weekend Update 11/16/20

Welp, I went with this juggernaut: I’m glad I did. I’m about 130 pages in and enjoying it very much. Enjoying the slow start, the world building, these characters. What an opening first few chapters! So many questions unanswered- perfect. We watched the Mandalorian and enjoyed it. Being fans of Rebels and Clone Wars, let’sContinue reading “Reading/Weekend Update 11/16/20”

Review of Hitting the Books

Author: Jenn Mckinlay Series: Library Lovers Mystery #9 Rating: 4/5 stars I really enjoyed this one! The story was good and I liked the developments in the lives of the characters – Lindsey, Sully, Mrs. Cole and the rest. I felt this book was a testament as to why I started reading McKinlay’s cozy mysteries.Continue reading “Review of Hitting the Books”

Update: Second day of my personal readathon

So yesterday was better. I almost doubled my reading efforts. I had to catch up on chores and my husband wanted to watch a documentary which we did. But I managed to read in sprints. Wolf Hollow– 100 Pages Wildflower Hill – 50 pages Dune – 39 pages Total for Tuesday: 189 pages Total forContinue reading “Update: Second day of my personal readathon”